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Our Prices & Packages

Contact us for a quote or price list.

Every wedding & party is different.  Accordingly, our prices differ and adapt to each individual function. 

There are many factors to take into consideration, such as;

  • Do you want Video & Photography or just one service.
  • Do you want us to cover both sides, Bride and Groom's.
  • Any PreWedding functions
  • How far would we have to travel to you and then to the various Function Locations
  • The times you require us for.
  • Would you like Prints on a CD, just printed photos, Prints in an album or all three.
  • Would you like a one Video camera shoot or for a larger function, a few more cameras.

As you can see, there are many factors to take into consideration and each has an associated price element. So to get the best price for all your events/functions, send us your requirements and we can work out a price for you.

Our Photography Packages consist of :-

  • Formal and natural shots.
  • Black & white shots.
  • Any special effect shots you specify.
  • A selection of album.
  • Storybook layouts or tradition photography styles.

Our Videography Packages can consist of any or all of the following:-

  • Video film on DVD's with motion menus and special scene selection.
  • Custom designed Covers
  • Multi-Camera video filming, blended and edited all together.
  • Widescreen or standard 4:3
  • HD or SD formats on Standard DVD or Blu-ray disc's.
  • We will give you a completed Video Production. Should you like any changes, you are allowed one complete re-edit to make any small changes you would like so the film is to your satisfaction.

Payment :- We normally require Half Payment on booking and the balance on Collection.  Please note, when collecting your Album/Photos and video films, we require the full balance to be paid.  Should you require any changes to be made to your film, you have our guarantee that we will make any changes within our scope to make your film the way you would like it.  To be honest, when a customer has come back, the changes they have asked for are things like; change or cut elements out of the film, which is easily done. A song change or an extra slow motion effect at certain places and sometimes, additional titling.

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