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A little bit about us


 The Cherished Moments - Some Background Info. 

Cherished-Moments is a Video & Photography production company based in West London for many years and catering for Weddings, Receptions, Birthday Parties and any other Social Function or Event. We are familiar faces in London and Berkshire, where we do most of our work.

We use the latest digital camera technology with Hi-Def and Blu-ray DVD as required.

Our team consists of Amrit, who will be your primary contact and is our photographer. We have a further four videographers and another professional Photographer.  On a wedding, we can cover both Bride and Grooms venues, or cover just one side.  Unlike some companies who will not take on a function unless they get both sides, we are more flexible and adapt to customers requirements.  If you do need to have both sides covered however, you need to book us early as each member of the team may be sent to cover an event on their own, making them unavailable and reducing the numbers to cover both the Bride and Groom.

Have you seen us already ?

Chances are you have seen us at some venue or your own venue already. Especially if you are in the London or Berkshire region.  This is because most video & photography companies are run by individuals who cannot cover everything on their own.  We get called in when one company does not have the man power to cover both the Bride and Grooms venues and individual ceremonies at home, or when there is a big function and more cameramen are required to cover all aspects of the venue.

So when looking for a complete package for your special occasion, we are always available. (Providing you book us early enough of course !!!)

If you would like to know more about our Services and Packages, please feel free to phone us for an informal chat and availability. Better still, send us an e-mail with your venue date, where you live, where the Ceremony and Reception will be held, any special requirements and we will e-mail you our availability and a price.